February 1 Sale

Numismatic Literature Sale Feb. 1

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers are announcing our Sale 155, which will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020. The 426-lot sale includes a wide-ranging selection of books on ancient, world and U.S. numismatics, including material from the libraries of Bob Vail, Jeff Peck, Doug Robins and Phil Carrigan. The sale features particularly notable American auction catalogues, along with key references on ancient and world coins, many of them rarely encountered. 

Some highlights of the sale include:
Lot 74: a well-preserved copy of Hulsius’s 1597 work on the Caesars and their families, featuring 75 fine engravings of Roman portrait coins
Lot 110: Nicola Haym’s copy of Adriaan Reland’s rare 1709 volume on Jewish and Islamic coins, De Nummis Veterum Hebraeorum
Lot 140: the 1723 second edition of the extraordinary compendium on the medals of Louis XIV, expanded from the 1702 edition to include the entirety of the monarch’s reign
Lot 185: three volumes of the impressive Museum Florentinum series on portraits and painting (1752–1756), with exceptional engraved plates; the sale also includes (as lot 51) the Museum Florentinum volume on ancient statuary
Lot 191: a very good copy of Aleksei Oreshnikov’s well-illustrated 1896 masterwork on the early coins of Russia, Russkiya monety do 1547 goda
Lot 278: Lester Merkin’s plated copy of S.H. Chapman’s 1911 Julius Brown sale, featuring fine ancient, English and European coins, pioneer gold, and choice United States silver and copper coins
Lot 285: Neil Rothschild’s set of thirteen hardcover auction catalogues from conventions of the Colonial Coin Collectors Club (C4)
Lot 286: a very attractive original copy of Crosby’s 1875 Early Coins of America in a Nova Constellatio binding
Lot 297: Tom Elder’s 1918 McCoy, Brown & Ezekiel sale, with eight superb photographic plates, a landmark sale of American political tokens that is also important for large cents
Lot 403: an exceptional collection of 99 different fixed price lists issued by Charles Steigerwalt, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, between 1885 and 1911; also included in the sale (as lot 402) is a substantial collection of 48 of Steigerwalt’s auction catalogues.
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The printed catalogue has been mailed to active customers. A PDF of the printed catalogue has been posted to our main website at for those who prefer that format. Bids placed via post, email, fax or phone must be received by Friday, January 31, the day before the sale, in order for them to be processed. Advance absentee bids may also be placed at any time online at; live internet bidding will be available during the sale itself through the same platform.

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC is a licensed and bonded auction firm in the State of Ohio. For more information, please see the Kolbe & Fanning website at or email David Fanning at
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