Exonumia April 2017

Kolbe & Fanning's first catalogue devoted to numismatic exonumia: tokens, medals, badges, scrip and related items that pertain in some way to the coin collecting field.

Sale 145 - April 22, 2017

Featuring selections from the libraries of Tom Cederlind and Italo Vecchi & other properties

February 2017 Fixed Price List

A fixed-price offering of rare and out-of-print numismatic books from around the world featuring works on ancient, medieval and modern topics.

Buy or Bid #3

Over 1400 modestly-priced books on ancient, medieval and modern coins, as well as general works, periodicals and sale catalogues. Customers may bid on items they wish to acquire or buy them outright at the published price. Bidding closes on March 15, 2017

Sale 143 - Oct. 21-22, 2016

Important Numismatic Literature featuring a remarkable library of American auction catalogues and a variety of works on foreign and ancient numismatics.
Part 2 is mail bid only. Please visit our website at for details.

Sale 143 Prices Realized List

Sale 142 - June 24-25, 2016

A two-part sale featuring a number of rare and desirable works on ancient, medieval and modern coins from several consignors.

Sale 142 Prices Realized